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"Alpha males should have a sense of humor, whether they're vampires, Mayan warriors, or the boy next door."

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Fang Shui
Fang Shui Can life become more complicated for Dr. Lauren Marsh? As a new vampire, she’s dealing with the learning curve of being undead while adjusting to marriage, avoiding a jealous vampire hell-bent on killing her, sidestepping the Italian Mafia, and sustaining her dental practice. In the meantime, she’d love to get pregnant if her life can just settle down a bit.

Read an excerpt from Fang Shui:

John brushed his lips across my neck and whispered in my ear. “She wouldn’t dare show up on our wedding day.”

“After the note I got this morning, I wouldn’t put anything past her.” I chewed on the inside of my cheek.

The “she” in question was Amy Rothbart, partner-in-crime to my husband’s deceased first wife, Catherine. Amy was wreaking havoc in London, assembling a posse of new, young vampires. In fact, Amy being in London was the reason we would be honeymooning in Italy, rather than England.

“Lauren, you have nothing to worry about.” John tucked an errant curl behind my ear. “She’s dangerous in London where she can orchestrate her thugs, but she can’t touch us here in Orlando. Her vampire boy-toys are too young and inexperienced to function outside their home turf.”

“And you’ve got your own newbie to take care of.” My hand slid from around his waist to squeeze his tight butt, and I displayed a flash of fang.

His eyebrows shot up. “Be careful, there are humans present.”

“Ah, but these humans are enlightened.” I was referring to my dental hygienist and good friend, Rosetta Gonzalez, and John’s personal assistant, Doreen Adkins. Rosetta and Doreen had played Cupid on more than one occasion for John and me. Today, they were here in full force with spouses, children, and grandchildren in tow. I smiled at my extended family, all gathered in the backyard of John’s, and now my, Victorian home. I felt loved and supported, and as a new vampire, I needed all the reinforcement I could get.

On this most perfect day, however, the note from Amy was threatening my happiness. Arriving via certified mail, it read: This is a warning. Watch your back. When you least expect it, I’ll be at your throat, and even John won’t be able to save you. Have a nice day! Amy

Nice day, my ass. My lips curled in a pout.

“That is not allowed.” My new husband seemed to intuit my mood. “When we get back from our honeymoon, I’ll take care of Amy, once and for all.” He wrapped his strong arms around me from behind and rested his chin on my head.

I leaned into him. “I can’t help it. I’ve never been threatened before.”

“Surely you’ve had a patient who was less than happy with your handiwork at some time in your illustrious career,” John teased.

“Dentistry isn’t on the list of high-risk professions.” As I thought about it, I had to admit, “I did have a woman once who was disappointed her root canal didn’t come with a face lift.”

John laughed. “I believe it’s been five minutes since I told you I loved you.”

“Why don’t you show me?”

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Fang Shui

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